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Three Types of Roller Shutters

Although there are domestic, commercial and security shutters, there are more variety within those categories based on how you’d like to operate them. Battery, manual and electric operation works well on all kinds of roller shutters, regardless of size or material, but of course will have to be determined on the practicality of their use on your property. You should always consult with professional roller shutters company, such as the Roller Smart company in Perth, to determine which shutters are the best for your needs. You can visit their website – to learn more about the company and the services they offer.

Electric Shutters

Ideal for garages and commercial areas, electric shutters can be rolled up or down with the press of a button, whether on the wall or by remote control. This one usually comes with a battery backup and a package of a remote control, wall button or key ring control, for whatever is the most convent use for you. Just imagine yourself in the office just before an epic PowerPoint presentation. Never will you have to ask anyone to ‘get the lights,’ you can get it yourself with a handy button! Electric shutter operation runs on radio frequency but uses battery backup in the case of power failure.

Battery-Operated Shutters

Perhaps the most popular of the bunch, batty-operated shutters will always be operational even when the power goes out. These shutters come with a cable that runs into a battery generator, so make sure when considering this type of shutters that you have enough room in your home to install this small generator safely. From there you can use a remote control or wall button to operate your shutters from a distance. These switches and controls will have to be charged regularly, depending on use.

Manually Operated Shutters

These are the most common and most cost-effective of all, and are usually chosen for domestic areas and family homes. Safe and durable, these shutters can be opened or closed manually from indoors or by using a built-in rolling lever. Bullet locks and chain keeps are also used in these types of roller shutters to keep them shut and provide maximum privacy and safety. Even heavy-duty shutters for use in extreme weather conditions are easy to operate.

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