Applying the New Grout

The grout is generally available in dry form or pre-mixed mixtures. But, you should ensure that you follow the directions on the package before mixing it. As an alternative, it is possible to use grout latex-modified because this is water-resistant and will not crack as time passes.

After that, spread out the grout on the tile. By using a grout float, this will help you to smooth it easily. For this purpose, you can set the float in a thirty degree angle.

Push the grout in the unfilled spaces in between the tiles, by using a float. You can check if the spaces in the tiles are filled up properly by pushing on the grout. If it gets too hard for you to push, this means that the spots are filled out. Get rid of all the unnecessary grout. This can be done by working the grout float on the top of the tiles and let it stay for five minutes. Now, use a slightly wet sponge to run on top of the tiles so that you can clear away excess grout.

Allow the grout to cure for no less than 3 days. Lastly, brush with a grout sealer over the joints in between the tiles in order to seal it properly. By doing this, you can keep mold and water from the grout.

Remember that applying fresh grout on existing one is referred to as “skim coating” and this should be avoided at all cost. It will be impossible for the fresh grout to stick to the existing grout, plus this will not allow you to get enough depth for the fresh grout to set firmly. As time passes the fresh grout may begin to flake and chip away, so you will not get to resolve all of your moldy wall problems with this kind of skim coating process. When doing this type of procedure it is recommended to put on eye protection and a dust mask.

The best tool to use when regrouting is the brush-type one, as this will be able to remove existing grout from the lines. You might discover that there is some leftover grout on the tiles, so it is possible to chip away this by using the scraper device. This scraper can also be used for removing the caulk.

In conclusion, it is recommended that you always call in the professionals, such as Bathroom Surgeon, to do tile regrouting. But, if you want to do it yourself always pay special attention to the product packaging to get specific requirements or even check with your local store which specializes in home improvement items as there are professionals on hand to provide additional details. Hopefully, these simple tips will help you to regrout the bad tiles much easier and get to have beautiful surroundings.

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