Perfect Metal For Your Ring

The ring is the best way to prove one’s appreciation. The choice of metal for the ring is a very big consideration to make. You need to put some effort into the choice of metal for the ring because it should:

  • Of course, be within your budget
  • Be in the design that will truly be appreciated
  • It should look tasteful, despite your budgetary constraints

There are two very popular metals that are used for precious rings; gold and platinum. However, silver can also be used, especially if the budget is an issue.

The Future is Gold

Gold is a very soft metal and it can come in two colors; white gold or yellow gold. These two variations contain the same impurities and carats of gold. The impurities are added to the gold to improve its strength; and a lot of other metals can be added to gold as impurities. As with white gold, the two impurities used are nickel and palladium. Nickel promotes hardness on the gold, which is very important for bands of rings and palladium, on the other hand, is used as an added gem setting.

Gold may also come in other colors and these are rose gold and green gold. When other components are added to gold, an alloy of this element is formed. When gold, silver and cadmium is combined, green gold is produced. When copper, zinc, tin, manganese, nickel and other elements are combined together, white gold is formed.

When gold is above ten carat, it will be marked. Carat is the term that denotes the purity of gold and whenever you buy a ring, you should make sure that it is marked. A mark of 20K means that it is twenty-carat; and 6500 means it is 65% pure gold. These markings should be indicated in the rings and you should be looking for these markings when buying a แหวน ทอง 1 กรัม.

It is Platinum

Platinum is definitely more expensive than gold and those that are working on a budget should just forget this. However, if the sky is the limit, and you have money to spare, then you ought to be pairing those lovely diamonds with no less than a platinum band because platinum will definitely look better, if paired with diamond. It is known to perfectly bring out the brilliance of diamond; and has, therefore, become the perfect choice for rings. If gold is marked in carats, platinum is marked in PT or PLAT. It is so much more durable than gold and can withstand different kinds of physical and chemical reactions.

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