Pressure and Temperature Switches

Pressure and temperature switches are used in a wide variety of industries, from food processing to oil refining. Pressure switches are most commonly used to protect heating elements, while temperature switches are used to protect motors and other equipment that must operate within certain temperatures.

Pressure Switches

Pressure switches are made for different purposes and you have to know which trykkbryter is right for your needs. Some pressure switches are designed to operate against specific pressures. Others are calibrated to trip at a certain pressure differential before the tripping mechanism is activated.

Still others are designed with set points for both high and low pressures, with the middle point being adjustable by the user. There are also pressure switches that work on negative pressure differential, meaning they will activate when there is a loss of pressure in the system.

Temperature Switches

Temperature switches can be made as simple as two wires connected together by a bimetallic strip or as complex as an electronic circuit board that uses thermocouples or RTDs (resistive temperature devices) to monitor temperature changes. Temperature switches come in two basic types: those that open at a predetermined temperature and those that close when a particular temperature is reached.

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