Brass Musical Instruments

There is a large variety of brass musical instruments available for you to start playing as soon as you are ready. Many people associate these horns with stuffy classical music (not that there’s anything wrong with stuff classical), but they are used in loads of musical genres including lots of modern pop music that really showcases the fun and speed of these underused horns. They are loud and sharp, but also soft and warm. This makes them a great instrument to try your hand at many different compositions, which you’ll never run out of.

The most common horns are the trumpet and the trombone. These instruments are used in many compositions, are simple to play, and are readily available. They also look very cool as well with their shiny metal and tubing. The trombone provides a very smooth and deep tone that can also at times be sharp and high pitched.

The trumpet is much more abrasive in notes, but is still smooth when played well. The two playing styles make each of these horns different to play, so depending on how you enjoy playing, will determine what works best for you.

The tuba and the French horn are a bit like the trumpet in playing style, but way different in tone. They still give the warm tones of a horn, but they are much louder and fuller because of the size of their bells. Their complex tubing gives them an unmistakable sound that is used in many compositions. Though their size makes them seem like slow limbering instruments, they can be quick and lively as well.

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