Gonzo’s Romeo x Juliet Review

The ending is a bit disapointing, with the random plot of the Escalus tree thrown in and all. While Romeo did his best to save Juliet, it was… disheartening of me to see that he got killed, then Juliet followed his path too. Yeah, I know it’s supposed to be like that in the original… but I guess I got too attached to both of them. Well, in a way, they did get together in the end…

Another factor that triggers my dislike is the overarching plot of Juliet to take revenge on the Montagues, egged on by her guardians. It was also rather messily done too, with a bloodless rebellion in the end. Just… didn’t have that “epic” feel I was hoping for. Plus I really didn’t agree with her being forced on the responsibility too.

Well, there are also good things about the show. While the romance part was definitely sappy, I didn’t dislike it. Somehow along the show, I got attached to both Romeo and Juliet, and I guess it is perhaps the most redeeming factor of the show. Well, I guess this is already quite clear from my earlier statements.

Another thing is Lena Park’s theme song, Inori – You Raise Me Up. It’s definitely an awesome song, which fits in to the theme of the show way more than the show did, for me. A slow, simple and uplifting theme song that really touches the soul. I’d probably remember this song far longer than the series.

In conclusion… Romeo x Juliet is an okay show, but it didn’t live up to my expectations. Still, it had a good cast of characters in it, but the way they developed the story could’ve done better. For more stories about different characters check this top 10 anime characters article. It does have an awesomely memorable theme song for it though.

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