What Types Of Employment Assessments Are Available?

The variety of assessments available for employment testing can be confusing. Categorically, they can be separated into Personality, Behavioral or Intelligence. The goal of all of these tests is to accurately predict those people most likely to succeed.

Personality assessments are very useful for business purposes since they have been validated in numerous studies and provide insight of non-observable characteristics that do not typically change with time. Best in breed tests focus on comparing factors of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance (DISC). Disc testing results generated from tests are used to extrapolate how they handle pressure, motivating factors, communication style, fears, or ambitions. Comparison of this information to a personalized job model allows for fast and accurate ranking.

Behavioral assessments focus on measurable skills or competencies to create a performance inventory. Multiple choice and essay questions, key in on real world work scenarios of judgments. The goal is to discover personal traits that lead to productive performance, which accurately predicts how someone will perform in the real world (situational judgment). High quality reports from behavioral assessments indicate a person’s everyday behavior, rather than their attitudes and opinions typically expressed during interviews. Validated studies have shown competency testing to be accurate and legal.

Intelligence Tests

Measurement of intelligence from multiple choice tests may be the least effective tool for business. While intelligence is not an accurate indication of success, skill, or personality, it is a component of a well rounded assessment system. Questions about cultural and gender bias have reduced the use of intelligence tests recently.

When developing an assessment plan for implementation into your existing practices, it is essential to build a standard test battery that includes interview notes, scoring, and skill assessments. Best practice of this documentation process can be achieved from a professionally integrated applicant tracking solution.

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