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Overview of 3D Animation Services

Animation is defined as movements that happen simultaneously by showing various frames or pictures. If you have watched cartoons on television, then you have watched a form of animation. When it comes to computers, animation is often used with multimedia presentations. There are a wide range of software applications that will allow users to create animations which can be displayed on a computer monitor. Many people do not realize that there is a difference between video and animation. Video involves motion that is continuous that also breaks up into discrete frames while animation begins with pictures that are independent and adds them together so that it creates an illusion of continuous motion.

3D Animation Services

The role of animators is to make images that are 2D and 3D and they are created for things such as video games, animated movies, music videos and commercials. They are here to help you with your business animated video marketing ideas. They use computer software, film and video to create images, visual images and social effects. Animators often used popular software such as AutoDesk, Adobe, Ability Photopaint and VectorDesigner.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics show that animators work in a wide array of industries including motion picture and video, technical and trade schools, advertising and public relations, aerospace product and parts manufacturing, computer systems design and specialized design services.

They work in places such as cartoon television networks, gaming companies, advertising agencies, graphic design firms, animation production studios and mobile technology companies.

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