Landscaping Recognized: The Beauty of Gig Harbor’s Natural Landscape

Located on a charming peninsula in Puget Sound, Gig Harbor is a destination known for natural beauty and a vibrant diversity of flora and fauna. The city’s distinctive Pacific Northwest charm captures hearts, not just with its scenic marina view but also with its vivid mosaic of native trees, diverse plant species, and an array of visual spectacles only nature can provide.

Gig Harbor’s Vibrant Flora

Gig Harbor is a leafy wonderland rich in native tree species that define this distinctive landscape. Towering Douglas Firs, with their unmistakable drooping pine cones, paint a quintessential Pacific Northwest picture. Cedars, both Red and Western, add to the tapestry with their evergreen foliage and strong, aromatic wood. Broadleaf Maples, Pacific Madrones with their uniquely peeling red bark, and the emblematic Garry Oaks are also part of this verdant canvas.

An even more distinct character of Gig Harbor’s landscape is its sprawling undergrowth – a vibrant display of understory plants that thrive in the warm, moist conditions. You will find native ferns like Sword Fern or Lady Fern, Salal with its dark, glossy leaves and purple berries, Oregon Grape featuring holly-like leaves and edible fruits, and numerous other plants creating a lush lower canopy.

In springtime, the landscape transforms into an artist’s palette of colors, owing to rhododendrons, fuchsia, azaleas, camellias, and other flowering shrubs – it’s a spectacle that leaves onlookers spellbound.

Nature and Design: A Seamless Blend by Local Landscapers

Creating a harmonious blend of nature and design is a skill that local landscaping companies, such as Garland Landscape, have mastered. They take inspiration from Gig Harbor’s natural landscape, paying homage to the indigenous trees and plants, while shaping landscapes that enhance homes and businesses.

Garland Landscape’s designs exemplify a profound understanding and respect for the native Gig Harbor flora. They ensure to include regional plants that are both ecological and beautiful, and elements that evoke the natural, forested surroundings of the city.

Knowing the importance of sustainable practices, they employ methods such as incorporating native plants which are naturally adapted to the local climate and soil conditions. This not only makes a landscape easier to maintain but also supports local wildlife, like birds and pollinators, contributing to the area’s biodiversity.

Aside from using native plants, landscaping services by Garland Landscape also utilize natural, locally sourced materials such as regional stones and woods in their designs. This adds a textural contrast to the greenery and creates a unique, authentic Pacific Northwest aesthetic.

Gig Harbor: A Testament to Nature’s Splendor

Overall, Gig Harbor’s natural landscape is a commendation to nature’s splendor. This extraordinary beauty is realized and magnified by the efforts of local landscaping companies, who with their keen awareness and understanding of the local habitat, bring the essence of Gig Harbor’s landscape into residential and commercial properties.


Rooted in a deep appreciation for the city’s environmental heritage, the designers strive to create landscapes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also sustainable and kind to the local fauna and ecology. The result is a seamless blend of built environment and nature, reflecting the character, identity, and spirit of the unique Pacific Northwest in every design.

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