How To Get Rid of Rats and Mice

Using poison in your attic when you are hearing or seeing rats in your attic or walls at night is not the answer. Once rats consume a lethal dose of poison; what’s your guarantee that the rats will somehow just die outside and not somewhere within the hidden voids of your walls of your home? Rats dying in the walls of your home creates yet another complex situation. So before you just throw some poison in your attic consider the piece of mind that comes with a professional rat control service.

The best way is by using snap traps

Using snap traps is the fastest and most effective way for one to eliminate any rat infestation within their home or attic.

Don’t be cheap….buy 15-20 Snap Traps and place them throughout your attic. You don’t want this job taking months to catch the possible 12 to 25 rats or family of rats that could be either living or nesting in your attic.

Be sure to bait each trap (With a good bait) & one with a rat attractant lurer (this is very important). If you can’t locate rat lurer, try wrapping peanut butter in a paper towel. The paper towel works well because if you just dab some peanut butter on a trap, more often then not the rats and mice will simply just lick it off without setting off the trap.

Where to set the snap traps

Locating the right places where recent activity has been identified is very important place to start for the average homeowner attempting to successfully & quickly eliminate a rat infestation in your attic. Finding tunnels made by the rats in the insulation is a very good place to start when wanting to better understand the best place for one use snap traps to catch rats and mice.

Trapping rats with cage traps can be a very lengthy process with little to no success. However, when the rats are running around the kitchen, trapping inside the home with pet/child proof trapping stations is of the utmost importance for everyone’s safety including children and pets.

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