Five top tips on how to meditate

To develop a meditation skill it is necessary to practice a lot. You think that you know everything about what meditation gives us. And you sure you’re ready to meditate. However, you may be disappointed from the start. Our mind is in a constant stream of idle talk. Thus, it becomes impossible for us to sit still even for a short period of time. Meditation is the way to the mind clarification. This is the practice of silence.

Restore your sleep. If you don’t sleep enough, it’s better to rest before to proceed to meditation. It is difficult to achieve progress in meditation, if you want to sleep all the time.

Meditate in a favorable environment. Choose the place where you’ll feel yourself in element. Avoid loud music, it will distract you, especially if you are new to meditation.

Do not eat a heavy meal before meditation. After a heavy meal, blood flow is directed to the digestive organs. Blood diverted from all parts of the body – including the brain – for better digestion. Therefore, you tend to feel sleepy.

Avoid pain. Meditation doesn’t have to be a painful exercise. It is a practice for quieting your mind, do not be too strict to yourself. It is not necessary to sit on the bare wooden floor meditating for a few hours in order to learn how to meditate.

Concentrate. To stop thoughts in your mind it is important to choose the object on which you can concentrate at the beginning of meditation. Some people use a rosary, other candles. Experienced people use breathing techniques.

With all that said, you see that maybe it would be wise to find a reputable meditation London class where you can learn the basics first and once you get experienced you can continue on your own.

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