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Documents Required for Patent Application

Description; In order for an innovation (invention) to be protected by a patent, it must be explained in detail. The specification should specify the technical field to which the subject of the invention is related, the state of the art, the technical problems that the invention aims to solve, the explanations of the technical drawings and the way the invention is applied to the industry.

In order for an innovation (invention) to be well protected with a patent, the patent file must be prepared very well. The specification is one of the most important parts of the patent file. Therefore, it is recommended to work with patent lawyer or a patent agency such as Invent Help, specialized in the subject.

Abstract; It is a very short description that gives general information about the innovation.

Claims; They are texts that define the places where innovation is desired to be protected. Claims are the most important parts of the patent dossier. In order to obtain a very good protection, it should be clearly explained which parts of the product subject to innovation are new. In addition, even if direct production is not considered in the relevant field, it should be tried to estimate which alternatives may exist.

Technical Drawings; All kinds of technical drawings, perspective drawings, and flowcharts describing the innovation should be given in A4 size without any measure.

Application and Inventor Information; The applicant’s name, surname (if it is a company, company information) and contact information, the name, surname and contact information of the inventor (or inventors), how the inventors transferred the rights to the applicant (for example, service contract) should be stated.

When you partner with Patent agency like InventHelp or an attorney , the first step is to do a search for your invention. By doing a search you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. A U.S. patent search is a search of all U.S. patents to determine whether your idea is already patented.

Patent attorneys are experts in their fields and prepare and file your U.S. patent. This involves preparing drawings, specifications, claims and everything else required to apply for a U.S. patent.

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