Diamond Engagement Rings Say It All

Diamond engagement rings are a must. It really isn’t an engagement ring unless it’s a diamond engagement ring. Diamond engagement rings are the only way to say “I love you and always will” if you want to do it properly.

Engagement rings go back a long way, s not so far. No-one is exactly sure where the tradition of using rings to demonstrate a commitment in marriage started. Some think it goes back to caveman times when a man tied his woman’s feet and hands with rushes to prevent her escaping, then substituted these for a rush band around her finger once he was happy she wasn’t going to run away. No-one really knows. But diamond engagement rings are certainly here to stay. For many a diamond 訂婚戒指 is the only engagement ring.

The use of diamond engagement rings is not so old. Diamonds were discovered in India about 800bc but it was only around the 15th century that diamonds came into common use in diamond engagement rings. And even then diamond engagement rings were very expensive.

And did you know that during US colonial times jewelry was banned as being morally worthless! Instead a thimble was given to women by men as a symbol of their commitment. I’m sure that modern women would prefer diamond engagement rings to thimbles!!

So if it’s a magnificent diamond engagement ring that you’re after then you’re speaking her language.

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