The Best Trendy Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles are still very popular with women. They look fabulous, are generally low maintenance, and have an impact.

Of course, not everyone can get away with a short hairstyle – you need the right face shape and personality to pull it off.

The best thing to do is to go to an excellent hairdresser in the Columbia SC area, and have a styling consultation. Not every hairdresser is good at seeing what flatters your face, so be sure to go to the best hair salon in Columbia SC.

In general, short haircuts look best on women with oval face shapes and feminine facial features. But the style is important – you need a style that suits the facial features and personality you have. And this is where taking the help of an excellent stylist is helpful.

Certain short hairstyles are in line with trends

Punk-inspired hairstyles are perfect for women who want an attention-grabbing, powerful look. These styles feature asymmetrical cuts – undercut hairstyles and crops that are cut shorter on one side of the head while being longer on top, for example.

Short layered cuts are feminine and bold. Soft layers create a sleek yet soft look, and can bring attention to the facial features. This kind of cut can be styled sleek or messy, depending on your preference and mood.

The pixie and gamine cuts are back in vogue again – perhaps because they are somewhat retro, and retro is very popular.

For best results with a short hairstyle, be sure to go to one of the best hairdressers and get their professional help in deciding on a style, and get the results you’ve dreamed of.

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