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The more well known term for close protection is body guarding and this service is performed by a security operative or government agent. This kind of security service is famous with celebrities, politicians and wealthy people who need protection from assault, assassination, harm or even kidnapping by enemies.

Regardless of how these professionals are viewed by the public, they perform a very real and important role. Security agents have been cast in a bad light due to the fact the public see them as rough bullies who are looking for an excuse to hit someone, this however is not the case. Contrary to how security professionals are portrayed in the media, such as films, they are required to be highly skilled and highly trained. The kind of training for body guards in UK is similar to the one for police officers since London security services deal with fighting any form of danger and protecting their client. It is also a requirement that security professionals look smart at all times due to the nature of their employers work, this may include meetings with business officials or politicians.

Their job involves running background checks on people who meet their bosses, defend the bosses from any crowd or danger, and inspect cars that their clients will be traveling in and so on. Some people still struggle to proper understand that a security professional must go through intense training in order to be able to do their job.

Lets us look an instance where a solicitor meets an aggressive crowd. Obviously people may not have agreed with the verdict and are unhappy at this man. The worst case scenario is that if such a solicitor is found alone by angry witnesses, it is likely they might end his or her life but if the solicitor had close protection, chances are that he or she would survive the encounter. This just shows just how a body guard would have saved the solicitors life. Another role close protection officers can fulfill is to ensure that those who are victims of domestic violence are safe when they need to go back to the scene of the crime. It is quite likely that if this woman was to return on her own she would end up getting worse beatings, mental and physical. Not only can close protection save lives but can protect and even sometimes prevent danger from occurring.

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