How To Come Up With Awesome Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Scavenger hunt list ideas found around the internet are often stale and lacking creativity. No one wants to spend the next two hours using the same scavenger hunt list that they have used for years and years. The best scavenger hunt list ideas come from a collaboration of unique individuals perspectives, or a group centered theme. Scavengers hunt list drafting takes planning, but should not require an extensive amount of time or loads of cash out of pocket.

Scavenger hunt list ideas can be generated by sitting down with a group of interested leaders who are dedicated to coming up with something both creative and challenging. Consider how the scavenger hunt list of ideas can be pared down to one or two ideas, so that everyone can vote on the best idea. There are several things to keep in mind when generating a set of scavenger hunt list ideas.

First, make sure that everyone is working toward the same goal, and not self-promoting for their company or group.

Second, ensure that actual collaboration is taking place by silently voting instead of allowing the person with the strongest voice to take over the entire process. If someone objects to one of the items on the set of scavenger hunt list ideas, find out why, and make sure that everyone is listening with an open mind. Something suggested by one group may not work well for the other if it goes against their core identity, or set of beliefs.

Finally, ensure that each person feels heard and empowered through the process.

After a set of scavenger hunt list ideas are generated, focus on the remaining tasks at hand. Pick the right venue, keeping in mind that an outdoor venue might require a back-up location in case of bad weather.

Create a set of rules to determine who wins the game, and how people can be disqualified.

Purchase or allocate several prizes, cash or otherwise, for the games winners.

Establish several ways for participants to win so that everyone goes home feeling accomplished, and wants to return the next time a scavenger hunt is on the agenda.

Once the group has created a set of scavenger hunt list ideas, it is time to pick the actual theme. Some fun themes might include a movie themed scavenger hunt, local sports team scavenger hunt list, favorite novel scavenger hunt list, blast from the past scavenger hunt list, or city themed scavenger hunt list.

Another exceptional way to generate scavenger hunt list ideas is to ask the participants. If there is a wide variety of diverse individuals or businesses participating, ask that they donate items that can be hidden around the scavenger hunt area. This is a great way to bring groups from different backgrounds to a better understanding of each other’s company, religious, or ethnic culture.

No time to create the perfect scavenger hunt list? Consider purchasing a scavenger hunt list, or better yet, purchase several scavenger hunt lists from the ideas and combine them for fun for the entire crew.

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