Home Foundation Repair Tips

There is a seemingly unbelievable quirk in the housing code that can lead to disaster for the unknowing homeowner. Homes in our area, built before 1950, are not required to be attached to the underlying foundation. These homes are simply resting on top of the cinder blocks or piers that keep them off the ground.

The smallest of earthquakes can literally shake them off of their foundations. Fortunately, there is a solution that is affordable and easily accomplished, house bolting. As the name implies, team of expert craftsmen will bolt the frame of your house to the foundation.

The use of a professional foundation firm to perform this task is of paramount importance. Professional firms have the tools, the knowledge and the experience to correctly secure your house to its foundation. A home is typically the largest investment that any family will make. Do not trust its security to amateurs or a fly by night foundation company.

Homeowners know that a house is only as good as its foundation. Once a home’s foundation changes, owners experience many other problems. For those homeowners in fault zones, house leveling is a necessity. Natural ground shifting is a common cause of foundation issues. Erosion and aftershocks along fault lines cause homes to shift and sway.

A professional leveler helps stabilize buildings. A stable foundation is key to a safe building. As buildings get older, they begin to settle. Foundations begin to crack. Owners notice cracks in ceilings. They also notice uneven doors and windows. One of the first signs of a problem is a crack in the sidewalk or mortar of a home.

Pooling water and uneven lawns may also be indicators. When owners notice these symptoms, they need to contact a Foundation Repair in Dallas Texas. Technicians who specialize in foundation repair help people keep up the stability and safety of a property as well as the value.

Home and business owners use these repair techniques to extend the life of the home. Many professional companies offer free analysis and evaluation of foundation issues. Leveling is a priority for the maintenance of any property. It aids in slowing depreciation and save homeowners from many other costly repairs.

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