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History and Challenges of Griffin Realty Trust

Griffin Realty Trust, a well-established non-traded REIT in the United States, garnered a reputation for the owning, operation, and leasing of properties across the country. Despite its prominence, the entity became fraught with difficulties that would ultimately lead to the trust’s transformation into Peakstone Realty Trust.

A Portfolio Marred by Misrepresentation

One of the primary contentions linked to Griffin Realty Trust concerned investor deception. The trust had been framed as a conservative and liquid investment option, which held an appeal for many investors looking for stability and minimal risks. However, reality stood starkly differentiated from these assertions, leading to grievances among the investors. The lack of transparency and potential misrepresentation cast a shadow over the credibility of the trust.

The Battle against Falling Net Asset Values

Compounding the issues, there emerged a marked decline in the trust’s Net Asset Value (NAV) per share. A lower NAV potentially decreases the return on investment for shareholders, reducing the overall attractiveness of the investment. The dwindling NAV per share fanned the flames of investor discontent, casting a pall over Griffin Realty Trust.

Redemption Challenges and Investor Discontent

Adding to investor frustration were the redemption issues faced by Griffin Realty Trust. The challenges with redemptions further hurt investor confidence and sentiment, serving as yet another blight on Griffin Realty Trust’s landscape. Given the aggravating redemption problems and the falling NAV, investors increasingly found the trust not living up to its initial promises and branding.

The Reaction and Involvement of Haselkorn & Thibaut

Investor discontent often paves the way for legal actions to reclaim losses, and Griffin Realty Trust was no exception to this trend. Law firm Haselkorn & Thibaut stepped in to assist the disgruntled investors. The firm helped investors understand their rights and possible courses of action, fostering an environment where Griffin Realty Trust was called to answer for its alleged misrepresentations and investor hustles.

Refacing the Trust: The Birth of Peakstone Realty Trust

Faced with a stormy sea of challenges, Griffin Realty Trust initiated a transformation process to regain investor trust and rectify its missteps. This process birthed Peakstone Realty Trust, an entity ready to carve its identity in the REIT landscape.

Peakstone Realty Trust: News and Future Prospects

Recently, Peakstone Realty Trust made headlines by announcing its plan to list on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). This move marks a key step in the rebranding exercise and indicates a positive shift in strategy. The company’s leadership has communicated their commitment to implementing profound changes, renewing investor confidence and showcasing their determination to successfully operate in the ever-competitive REIT market. This Peakstone Realty Trust news about it’s potential NYSE listing has sparked optimism among stakeholders, inspiring a fresh outlook towards the restructured trust.


The history and challenges of Griffin Realty Trust serve as a compelling study in the life cycle of a non-traded REIT. The trust’s story is not just about the challenges it faced, but also about how it sought to learn from its errors and transform itself to regain investor confidence. As we watch the new avatar, Peakstone Realty Trust, prepare for its listing on the NYSE, we are reminded that in business, as in life, the capacity for evolution and resilience is often integral to survival.

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