Commercial diving industry

The commercial diving industry is chalk full of open positions that are temporary, part-time, full-time, or freelance business opportunities. Check out nearly any online job hot spot or community forum and these listings are overflowing with open occupations that are sure to fit any level of education and specialized training, along with an individual’s work preference. Whether you choose to work offshore or in an inland capacity, commercial diving jobs are available around the world.

Where Would I Be Working?

Commercial diving jobs are obtainable on any continent – even in the most obscure regions of Antarctica. Depending upon the actual position you accept, you could be working a few miles from your hometown or halfway around the world in Egypt; it all depends on what terms and conditions you are looking for and what your employer’s needs are at the time of your hiring. Assuming you remain stateside, there are mainland and offshore projects.

Typically, mainland commercial diving jobs revolve around lakes, ponds, and rivers. Depending upon the specific environment and job, the diver would be inspecting, repairing, or performing regular maintenance on anything from piers and pilings to riverboats and shipyards and one of the most common jobs are underwater welder jobs as you can see from this Underwater welding process article. Of course there are some diving jobs that aren’t related to sea vessels and related paraphernalia. A commercial diver can also work at nuclear power plants to maintain intakes systems and holding pools. One of the most popular inland diving positions is related to civil engineering; under one of these positions, a diver would be responsible for inspection and repair for above and underwater structures such as bridges, dams, and tunnels.

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