Best Water Filters

When you no longer like the taste of your water, or you moved to a new place and the water tastes awful, installing a water filter might be the best thing to help. Once you’ve decided to buy your filter, you need to consider a few things for getting the best water filter that you can for your budget:

First get a water contaminant report from your water utility office as the report will highlight exactly what your water contains and you will know how to proceed with getting the best water filters out there for what you need. Some areas like the Gascoyne region have high quality water filtration systems already installed, so make sure to check that too.

See how much water you are going to use. If you have a rather large family, you might be tired eventually of filling and refilling the water pitchers. In this case an under-sink or a faucet-mount system will be your best bet.

Think about your long term costs. Although a more expensive system might cost more initially, eventually the cost will diminish and you will be better off in the long run, particularly if you also consider the cost of the replacement filters.

You might go for a filter that is not available in your area. So first check what is readily available. Usually a well-known brand means getting replacement filters easily as you will be needed lots of them over time. For example faucet-mount filters and pitcher filter replacements need to be changed every 1-3 months. If you can recycle filters, the better for you and your budget.

When you start out, go for a small pitcher or faucet-mount filter so you can gauge how this will pan out in the long run before going for something more complex such as an under-sink or whole-house unit. As the most common for getting a water filter is having better tasting water, these small units will suffice at first.

One problem that might not help having even the best water filters is when your tap water is contaminated. If your area has known water contamination, you need to boil the water prior to using it.

Some of the best water filters for home usage are the water filter pitcher, faucet mount filter and the countertop water filter.

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