Alcohol Rehab vs. Drug Rehab: Is There a Difference?

The differences between alcohol rehab and drug rehab are subtle. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous both use similar 12-step plans as part of the recovery program. Likewise, alcohol and drug rehab facilities in Los Angeles usually offer similar treatment plans that include therapy, medical treatment, activities, and sobriety “training” Where do the differences lie?

The detoxification process

Because all substances affect the body and mind in different ways, detox will vary depending on what substance was causing the addiction. The physician and medical team will treat the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal differently than they will treat the symptoms of marijuana withdrawal, for example.

The legal ramifications

Some rehab facilities offer additional services related to the legal matters that some recovering addicts may find themselves facing. Unless they have engaged in illegal behavior while under the influence (like driving, theft, domestic violence, or rape), alcoholics will not have legal problems related to possession because alcohol is a legal substance. However, recovering drug addicts may find themselves faced with other complicated legal problems related to possession of their substance.

Dealing with social stigma

Because alcohol is a legal substance, there seem to be fewer lingering social stigmas related to alcoholism than there are for drug abuse. Los Angeles drug rehab programs will prepare recovering drug addicts for handling potentially negative encounters.

Learning to avoid triggers

On the one hand, alcoholism seems to have less of a social stigma attached to it. But on the other hand, alcohol use has become so integrated into social and business interactions that alcoholics are almost certain to encounter an opportunity to drink, no matter how hard they try to avoid. Although both types of programs emphasize the importance of personal responsibility for sobriety, alcohol rehab programs remind recovering alcoholics of just how difficult the task that lies before them will be.

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